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Hypnos - Orthocare 8 Divan

This Collection has been specially designed for people who prefer or require firmer support from their bed without compromising on comfort.
The range considers every aspect of the sleeping experience and uses the latest ReActive pocket spring technology to balance firmer support with maximum comfort.
The mattress is matched with a deep padded, non-sprung divan, to provide an extra supportive firmer feel.
This Divan Set features Reactive Pocket Springs, which help to retain the height and longevity of the mattress. The Reactive Springs individually sense your shape and contour to this to offer total spinal and body support.


Wide choice of upholstery colours and textures
Choice of Drawers

Model NameWidthLengthOur PriceRRP
180cm Mattress Zip & Link180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1199£1629
180cm Mattress180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£789£1068
150cm Mattress150cm (4'11")200cm (6'7")£749£1011
135cm Mattress135cm (4'5")190cm (6'3")£639£867
120cm Mattress120cm (3'11")190cm (6'3")£639£867
90cm Mattress90cm (2'11")190cm (6'3")£499£690
75cm Mattress75cm (2'6")190cm (6'3")£499£690
180cm EasyStore 2 Drawer Set180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1879£2565
150cm EasyStore 2 Drawer Set150cm (4'11")200cm (6'7")£1779£2415
180cm EasyStore 1 Drawer Set180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1649£2253
150cm EasyStore 1 Drawer Set150cm (4'11")200cm (6'7")£1549£2103
180cm Super Storage Ottoman Set180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1999£2721
150cm Super Storage Ottoman Set150cm (4'11")200cm (6'7")£1849£2499
135cm Super Storage Ottoman Set135cm (4'5")190cm (6'3")£1599£2187
120cm Super Storage Ottoman Set120cm (3'11")190cm (6'3")£1599£2187
90cm Super Storage Ottoman Set90cm (2'11")190cm (6'3")£1089£1473
75cm Super Storage Ottoman Set75cm (2'6")190cm (6'3")£1089£1473
180cm 2 Drawer Hideaway Divan180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1489£2019
150cm 2 Drawer Hideaway Divan150cm (4'11")200cm (6'7")£1399£1914
135cm 2 Drawer Hideaway Divan135cm (4'5")190cm (6'3")£1239£1671
120cm 2 Drawer Hideaway Divan120cm (3'11")190cm (6'3")£1239£1671
90cm 2 Drawer Hideaway Divan90cm (2'11")190cm (6'3")£869£1176
75cm 2 Drawer Hideaway Divan75cm (2'6")190cm (6'3")£869£1176
180cm 1 Drawer Hideaway Divan180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1489£2019
150cm 1 Drawer Hideaway Divan150cm (4'11")200cm (6'7")£1399£1914
135cm 1 Drawer Hideaway Divan135cm (4'5")190cm (6'3")£1239£1671
120cm 1 Drawer Hideaway Divan120cm (3'11")190cm (6'3")£1239£1671
90cm 1 Drawer Hideaway Divan90cm (2'11")190cm (6'3")£869£1176
75cm 1 Drawer Hideaway Divan75cm (2'6")190cm (6'3")£869£1176
180cm Platform Top Zip & Link 4 Drawer Set180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1949£2580
180cm Platform Top 4 Drawer Set180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1549£2046
150cm Platform Top 4 Drawer Set150cm (4'11")200cm (6'7")£1249£1632
135cm Platform Top 4 Drawer Set135cm (4'5")190cm (6'3")£1089£1458
120cm Platform Top 4 Drawer Set120cm (3'11")190cm (6'3")£1089£1458
180cm Platform Top Zip & Link 2+2 Drawer Set180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1949£2580
180cm Platform Top 2+2 Drawer Set180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1549£2046
150cm Platform Top 2+2 Drawer Set150cm (4'11")200cm (6'7")£1249£1632
135cm Platform Top 2+2 Drawer Set135cm (4'5")190cm (6'3")£1089£1458
120cm Platform Top 2+2 Drawer Set120cm (3'11")190cm (6'3")£1089£1458
180cm Platform Top Zip & Link 2 Drawer Set180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1849£2454
180cm Platform Top 2 Drawer Set180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1449£1920
150cm Platform Top 2 Drawer Set150cm (4'11")200cm (6'7")£1149£1506
135cm Platform Top 2 Drawer Set135cm (4'5")190cm (6'3")£989£1332
120cm Platform Top 2 Drawer Set120cm (3'11")190cm (6'3")£989£1332
90cm Platform Top 2 Drawer Set90cm (2'11")190cm (6'3")£869£1161
75cm Platform Top 2 Drawer Set75cm (2'6")190cm (6'3")£869£1161
180cm Platform Top Zip & Link Set180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1749£2328
180cm Platform Top Set180cm (5'11")200cm (6'7")£1349£1794
150cm Platform Top Set150cm (4'11")200cm (6'7")£1049£1380
135cm Platform Top Set135cm (4'5")190cm (6'3")£889£1206
120cm Platform Top Set120cm (3'11")190cm (6'3")£889£1206
90cm Platform Top Set90cm (2'11")190cm (6'3")£769£1035
75cm Platform Top Set75cm (2'6")190cm (6'3")£769£1035
*all sizes are approximate

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Drawers options available.


Fabric options available.


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